Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas at 1260 D

Keith is a Christmas loving man!

He has awesome decorations and loves to have them put up right after thanksgiving. Although I am just posting this, Keith's place has been lit up for weeks now!

We of course drove by on the bridge to make sure you could see his tree from outside.

His mom got a new tree so keith took her nice big one, but he better get used to not having a fake tree because next year we are getting a real one and i am so excited!

From outside of 1260 D i was given the task to make all the neighbors jealous.



My task was complete when the neighbor across from Keith came out and asked me if i was trying to make them look bad haha.

The tree i left to Keith. He loves his retro lights and so do I.


No Christmas is complete without our best friend Frank:


Below are a few more pictures of the place: enjoy!




Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aunt Ethel.

ae&us 1

Meet Uncle Sal & Aunt Ethel

At Passion's Holiday Kickoff we were treated by the Aunt Ethel and Uncle Sal Variety Hour.

I was even given the opportunity to do Aunt Ethel's makeup and i think that i did a wonderful job


Let's just pray that our girl children don't look anything like keith