Tuesday, February 24, 2009


To register for a vacuum or not to register for a vacuum that is the question.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wilson Lamar Davis-Ring Bearer in Training

The other day I went to my brothers house to spend the day with my nephew since I had not seen him since he had started walking. I also wanted to get some shots of him carrying his ring pillow. I had been told by everyone that he had been taking the pillows off the sofa wherever he went and walking around with them. In some way I think he knows that he will be doing that soon and is training for it. We were worried when we first thought of him being able to walk in time for the wedding when he was born (Last March) but seeing him the other day I now have no worries.Sorry about some of the blurry pics. but you try and take pictures of a baby that just started walking. Hope you enjoy seeing the future Ring bearer in training, My nephew Wilson Lamar Davis.
He Didn't need helping standing, Just needed help staying in one place for me to take the pic.

He just loves taking photos and doing what he loves best...Being my ring bearer

For some reason he unzipped his outfit just a Little to show off his "chest hair". We thought he might have been trying to be Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.

I had brought over my ring to show Kevin and Stacey and had put it back into my coat jacket.While we were done taking pictures and talking Wilson somehow found the box and started walking around with it. Man what a smart kid...He is definitely a Davis.

Opening up the Box to show what he found inside

Showing the Camera of how he has my ring and how much training he has put in

I had to put this at the end...This is the perfect pic. of my perfect ring bearer lets just hope he takes it as seriously on our wedding day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Keithy had to work on Valentines day, so i spent the day with my roommates mostly.

For dinner Catherine, Katuschka, and I made a delish dinner.


Yes a candle lit dinner for us beautiful girls!

Cath and I voted for Pasta… bow tie to be exact. Which is one of the most eaten foods on valentines day. ok i just made that up hahah

Any ways… It was a fun day. We just lounged around and watched movies and laughed and ate lots of bad for us food and felt good about every moment of the day.

Of course i missed Keithy, but my day was great!




Attempt #2 to create Sara and Casey dinner-esk photos!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adventures at the Mill

Last Saturday My brother and two of my nephews came over to see the new place and hang out on the river. My two nephews are huge adventurers. anytime they can go out in the woods and have a "steak out" they do. I do have to admit My brother and I were when we were there age, so Saturday took us both back. We started our day by eating at "Jimbo's on the River" because you can never start an adventure without a homemade Burger and Onion Rings. The river was a little down that day but it was still flowing pretty good over the wall.We had the idea to try and see how close we could get to it. the following pics. are our steps we had to take to make it to that wall...(captions under each pic. to describe the action). The boys did find a dead spider scorpion thing and a very old petrified coconut. Maybe in a few years Wilson can join in on the fun.

Indiana Jones Theme Song: (Copy and Paste address in a new window)
**Start Indiana Jones Video now**...
(you now have five minuets to read this post)

We thought the day was lost until we found this Tree, that is how we made it across the part of the river that was too deep walk on
We then found a Comfortable Seat with a built in cup holder...Perfect for any outdoors man

Had a Detour of a waterfall that actually goes inside part of the building. (This is Actually to the right of the wall)
Its like I have my own Ruby Falls in my backyard. (don't worry I don't charge Admission)
We Made it to the wall, where we found a nice comfortable place to sit

Kevin Gave us the "Rock On" symbol in this one (Thats his hand in the upper left corner)

Our Crowning achievement.

And of course Sadie had to have an adventure of her own. (The ladder is proberly a ten foot ladder and she is on the second step from the top)
**You can now stop the Indiana Jones Video**

Thanks for reading, and anytime you want an adventure on the river you can call anytime.
Keith "The River Adventurer" Davis