Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wilson Lamar Davis-Ring Bearer in Training

The other day I went to my brothers house to spend the day with my nephew since I had not seen him since he had started walking. I also wanted to get some shots of him carrying his ring pillow. I had been told by everyone that he had been taking the pillows off the sofa wherever he went and walking around with them. In some way I think he knows that he will be doing that soon and is training for it. We were worried when we first thought of him being able to walk in time for the wedding when he was born (Last March) but seeing him the other day I now have no worries.Sorry about some of the blurry pics. but you try and take pictures of a baby that just started walking. Hope you enjoy seeing the future Ring bearer in training, My nephew Wilson Lamar Davis.
He Didn't need helping standing, Just needed help staying in one place for me to take the pic.

He just loves taking photos and doing what he loves best...Being my ring bearer

For some reason he unzipped his outfit just a Little to show off his "chest hair". We thought he might have been trying to be Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.

I had brought over my ring to show Kevin and Stacey and had put it back into my coat jacket.While we were done taking pictures and talking Wilson somehow found the box and started walking around with it. Man what a smart kid...He is definitely a Davis.

Opening up the Box to show what he found inside

Showing the Camera of how he has my ring and how much training he has put in

I had to put this at the end...This is the perfect pic. of my perfect ring bearer lets just hope he takes it as seriously on our wedding day.

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