Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ryeland Wade Davis: 1st Room Reveal


It felt like just weeks ago that we found out that we were going to be having a baby in the Davis household, Better yet a Son. Our minds raced with questions, plans, and of course excitement. We could not wait until we told everyone that we would soon be welcoming a baby boy. We thought that would be the biggest reveal we would make. We were wrong.

Upon letting everyone know of our future welcoming the little one we were faced with the same questions by many.

1) Have you picked out a name?

2) You sure he's not a twin? (We got asked a few times..Still wondering why on this one)

and the one questions that I didn't expect, although Kaylee said she knew it would come.

3) What are you doing to the room?

As they would answer their own question with..."Because we can't wait to see what Keith will do to it"

It's great to have that feedback especially knowing they know me too well. Sorry to say, I have had plans thought out for some time whether we were having a Boy or Girl. Side note: While working on Ryeland's Room I have already come up with our next son's room (My brain never stops). Give us a few years though.

The theme is Sock Monkey.  With that said we wanted to create a room that he could grow into. Not something I would have to change in a short few months. It's a timeless look I like to say or give me time to let my creativity to rest.

Why Sock Monkey? I say why not. Kaylee has always loved sock monkey's ever since she met the Sock monkey that my mom made for me when I was younger (that I still have). I like to call him soc. He is chill and ready for any adventure that Young (Or Older) Keith would get into.

With all that said enjoy our process of the creation of this room. We had a great time creating, painting, building, and laughing through this process. Some plans we had didn't work while other things that we thought would be awesome turned to a pile of trash. You live and learn then start again. Blood, sweat, and tears (I had something in my eye) were rightly given to this cause. All in all with everything done I can proudly say it was done out of love. Ryeland may not appreciate it now, but he will know that it was all done from the bottom of his Mom and Dads heart.

Here are a few shots of the room:


page 1       page 2

page3       page 5




He even got his own Real Sock Monkey made by Kaylee herself. We will have to wait to see what his name will be.

2014-11-03 07.44.43


Stay tuned for future posts of the step by step or detail posts of the different projects throughout the room.

From the Heart of Keith & Kaylee Davis