Sunday, August 7, 2011

Citi Kitty

As many of you know we have two Cats. Sadie (named after the Sadie Hawkins dance where girls ask the guys) which we have had for about 3 years  and Aslan (named after the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia Book series) that we have had for about a year. 

With two Cats it feels like they are either eating or using the bathroom constantly. Kaylee and I are two people that love to try new things... 

One night we were watching shark tank on ABC, where a person comes into a room of investors and sells there product to support them for a percentage of the company. On the episode we watched they had the Citi Kitty "A potty training system for your cats". We have seen something like it a few years ago but the price tag was more than we wanted to spend.. around $80.00 ($80). When we saw Citi Kitty and heard it was only $29.99 we thought we would try it.

If you have never heard of this before just check out the website
But short version is having a step by step way of training your cat to actually use the human toilet. 

I know that this may sound a little weird to you (It did for me), but as I researched it, i found that it is actually a more hygienic way of having a indoor cat than a box full of waste from the cats.

We are currently in the beginning stages of the training. We have moved the box closer to the toilet, moved it up a level to get them used to being higher up, and then moving up another level even with the bowl. We are now  on the step of having the box on the seat.

As we progress through these steps we will be of course documenting it for you on our blog. Check back with us to stay up dated on the adventure we have embarked on. As you may be guessing the bathroom or toilet is "out of Service" momentarily due to the training but don't worry we have another that our guests may use during this process. 

Wish us good luck, and we will see you on the other side. Enjoy the "Cat" Themed Songs on our blog as well. Maybe our cats wont be that "smelly cat" any longer. Maybe it will get you in the mood of training your cat.

Keith and Kaylee Davis