Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Bopsi Twins


Keith and I thought we would be cute and clever at Christmas Eve this year. So following in the foot steps of Aunt Donna and Tiffany ( who used to always match at Christmas eve), Keith and I thought it would be funny for our 1st year there to dress up matching. We had to borrow some blue vests that DD7 and Tiffany wore in years past… some how i wound up with the extra small hahah.

Christmas Season 2009 006

Christmas Season 2009 004 

Christmas Season 2009 002

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Winter Wonderland

Good Savings.

I will admit that i am a coupon Junkie, and i know that as long as there are coupons i will be buying all my goods with them. I am a sucker for good deals and my freezer and pantry are good examples of just how much.

My most recent trip to Publix was one of my best yet.

My cousin, Meagan, who got me hooked on Publix over Kroger featured my latest shopping trip on her blog:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Keith and i are proud to announce that we have won the Door Decorating Contest in our lofts! The vote was unanimous and well.. we work really hard, so we are happy to boast about our awesome door! Check it out:


Here are some up close shots:









Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our 1st Christmas Tree

Keith and I had a delima.

He has always grown up with a Fake christmas tree and I have always had a real one. The only time we ALMOST had a fake one .. my dad was sent back to the store to return this “fake” tree and had to go get us a real tree the next day!

So, when it came to talk of Christmas and what kind of tree we were going to get i was worried. I love the smell and look of real trees. Keith like the ease and simplicity of fake trees. So you can see the dilemma we were having. But Keith being so sweet and loving me lots decided on doing a real tree this year!

Since we are living in Porterdale we are right next to a tree farm. Berry’s Tree Farm ( which is acutally owned some one of Keith’s relatives… you know one of those relatives that you are related SOMEWHERE down the line, but not really sure where.

So last night around 5 we headed down the road to gooood ol Berry’s.


We arrived and it was starting to get dark so we quickly had to find the perfect tree for us.



Berry’s is great because you get to cut the tree down yourself.



we debated on which tree would be right for us!


Keith said “ This is too small”

Then …. after a little bit longer of looking… we found it!


We got straight to chopping… sawing it down!

DSC08631 DSC08639

DSC08645 DSC08647

Once we got home we tried to set the tree up… but we were having issues with our metal tree stand. After 2 hours of trying to get it up we finally decided to go to walmart to get a bigger plastic one… within 2 min of putting the new one of we had the tree up.

DSC08652 DSC08654 

( old and destroyed stand)


new really easy to use walmart stand!



DSC08657 DSC08660



Keith cutting off the netting. ( note the 10ft ladder)


DSC08672 DSC08673

DSC08671 DSC08668