Wednesday, January 28, 2009



I have lots of the large stuff finished, but flowers are still on my list. I have always wanted lilies, but 1. they are a bit more expensive and 2. they have nasty pollen.. which i know can be cut out but still..

so i have been looking around at different sites for ideas and i really like tulips as well.. so here are a few fun pictures of my ideas.. i am totally open for anything that you would suggest. I am really thinking about doing Sams or costco to buy in bulk for the reception and then getting a florist shop to do the flowers for the bridesmaid and groomsman…. not sure…

flowers 2


These things are super fun and i think it is a really cute idea




Here is the look if i used tulips… they open up pretty.


i like tulips for the guys…. i wouldn’t do pink.. probably white.. but i like the look

tulip 2

I really like the colors of these… i am really wanting to do a mix of bright yellows and oranges..


red lilies

lilies are just so beautiful. ahh…  i defiantly want to use them in the wedding just not sure how..

any other flower suggestions people???

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Future Baby Davis but Hopefully Not

Kaylee and I the other day were talking about how we could get some photos done in one of those old time photo booths and post them somewhere. That is when we started talking about going to the booths that they take both of the people's pics and then out comes the picture of your baby boy or Girl (or in one our our cases "Alien". Well we found this website that you can do it online. We tried different pics but you will have to be the judge to see if we will actually have a cute kid. Just something fun to do to see what our future kids (once we are married for a few years) will look like. Lets hope that our girls will not look like the last pic. (Me getting ready to become Aunt Ethel in our recent "Aunt Ethel and Uncle Sal Variety Hour" at Church. If you wan to try it out its free and all you have to do is go to "" and Load up you favorite photos. Keith
Our Baby boy made with funny faces of us
(I personally like this one out of the others)
Our Baby Girl
(I think they consider it a girl because of the "Ming Ming" outfit)
Our Baby Alien
(Honestly, How in the world did they get this one, from those Pictures?)
(The Begining stages of the transformation of "Aunt Ethel")

Saturday, January 24, 2009

If the wedding plans never get finalized…


Our honeymoon is still going to rock.CRUISE

This week I booked our 7 day cruise to the western Caribbean!

cruise iten


Keith and I spent the night picking our fun Excursions to go on.. this one is defiantly our favorite…

cruise race 2

this one looks awesome too!

cruise landrover

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let the Showers Begin



(our apartment may or not be even close to the size of the awesome house above... but just to get you in the christmas mood i have posted it first haha)

Katie decided to throw me an awesome shower. This was my first wedding shower, so of course it was exciting.

Katie had been to a shower last year which gave her the inspiration for mine: Kaylee's Krazy Kristmas Shower

What they did was buy Christmas decorations for Keith and I for our Christmas NEXT YEAR.  So when everything went on sale after Christmas everyone got great deals on goodies for Keith and I.



Let me tell you Keith and I got HOOKED UP!

All the girls went crazy and Keith went crazy looking at everything the next day!

Katie did an awesome job making TONS of homemade goodies even though she was dead sick!

DSC09168 IMG_1453

We played two AWESOME GAMES! The first was to create a bridal dress out of toilet paper and then making a shaving creme wedding cake.





Which cake do you like best hahaha

To my joy we also played a game which wouldn't let people say a list of words. The list included words like : wedding, AWWW, Cute... It was funny because if you stick 12 girls in a room and tell them not to say AWWWWW ... man it was so funny!




Yes we did keep our decorations up from christmas until this shower.. infact 5 days after we still have them up.. what date is it hahah

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Save the dates!

STD Black-small

Matt and i worked getting this put together and i totally killed the CVS photo system by paying just about NOTHING for my prints!

I sent about half of them out on Friday and hope to get the others out by Monday!


For those of you all who haven’t seen our site before, Keith and I use this to just past some fun pictures and ideas and just mostly stuff about us!


may 30th is going to be here super soon!