Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our 1/2 weekend getaway


Since Keith and I both “work” for the church we aren’t able to get a full weekend off many times during the year. My grandmother has a cute cabin up in cleveland, GA and for a few months now Keith and I have been saying we needed to take a one night trip up to the cabin. We finally worked it out to go last weekend… which just happened to be valentines weekend.

We were excited about the night stay and our plans for Saturday. We wanted to eat at this old country family style restaurant and go to the new Babyland General.

As the week inched closer to Friday, so did the forecast of snow. Lots of snow. Keith and I still wanted to go for the night, so we left out and when we arrived we had about two inches of snow there.


We got in and turned on the heat. I cooked our Lemon chicken we loved so much a few weeks ago. It did not turn out as good, so that made me a bit upset. We watched about 4 movies haha. My grandmother had all these awesome old VHS’s we watched Richie Rich… AWESOME! HEHE

Saturday we woke up and enjoyed some time in the snow.






Then we had a breakfast of Champions… Toaster Studdles!


As the day went on we got ready for our planned day. We drove into town to go to Babyland General… to find…. it was closed… AHHH.. BUT WE TOOK A PICTURE ANYWAY!


Then we drove on to find that our food place was closed also. Man what bad luck. Keith and I drove into Helen and walked around in the frigid cold. It was so windy. We ended up driving back going to Cracker Barrel and went to see a movie. It was a good weekend to just take some time to chill out and not have to stress about “life” stuff. It was great.

Thanks GG for letting us use the cabin!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Super Bowl Party

Keith and I recently got a new tv, so we decided that we just HAD  to have a super bowl get together!

I of course was rooting for the Saints while everyone else wanted the colts to win. To that i say to everyone …. BOOOOOOOOYALLL!



We finally got to use all the fun platters we got for the wedding!




These glasses were so funny! Yea for Target and their awesome party stuff!


Tiff brought some awesome cupcakes to make the night perfect!!!