Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Fall


Fall is here and time is just flying by in 2011.

Keith is currently in his last semester at Luther Rice Seminary. He will soon have his Bachelor's in Ministy! Yea keithy! I am so proud of him and all his hard work!

I have just been working like crazy and enjoying life.

Above is a picture of our Halloween decorations. Things have been so crazy around here that it took us a while to get everything put up! Our neighbors said they were wondering what was going on.

Since we never posted anything about our CitiKitty adventure you probably know by now that it was not a success. I had to sit with Aslan in the bathroom every night and he was so stubborn he wouldn’t go for like 45 mins. and after 4 weeks of really trying… I told Keith no more!

Right after we put the old litter box up Aslan AND Sadie went pee and poo within 30 minutes! hahah Maybe Citi Kitty would work for others, but we found that since we were gone all day 6 days a week, it was really hard to help train the cats. Keith said he would try it again.. but me… not so much!

I will try to update more over the holidays since we’ve been so bad this year at updates. There just hasn’t been anything new and exciting going on to report. Smile

Wishing you a great one from Good ol’ Porterdale!