Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keith’s going back to school!

Keith got his official acceptance letter from Luther Rice Bible college and seminary!


We are so happy because we know that this is the direction God is calling Keith in. He will be working towards his Bachelors degree in arts in Religion and Ministry.  With goals of continuing on to work with Youth.


I am so proud of Keith and LOVE seeing God working in and through his life.

Pray for Keith as he begins school in just a few weeks. Pray that God will provide for a job that will work better with his school schedule and that Keith will learn and grow in his relationship with God through this intense study.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

CVS Pharmacy Athens, GA


Every few months my dad opens a new CVS in his district so he always calls upon Keith to DJ the event and for me ,to well… do anything else needed. I have worked at the Athens CVS for two years , but sadly my last day of work was last monday. Stephanie, my awesome manager got to move from our old (very small) store to a new (super huge) store. I was excited to help out in any way since it was like MY NEW STORE.. for a week hahaha

Steph called me on Thursday to ask me if my dad had told me i would be in a clown costume when i did my balloon animals… “ no Steph… no one told me that” hahahaha

Well Introducing Miss Bubbles:


Keith is always Awesome at DJ’n the event. Here he is sporting his Mic:


My dad ended the day with a big surprise by his favorite marvel character: SPIDEY



And of course mallory helped out Keith since i was occupied by many children wanting CRAZY balloons.

DSC07014Another great grand opening… 900+ hotdogs given away.



Some times i hate her.. but really how can’t you love this face when you walk in the bathroom….



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enter into the Davis Loft


Keith and I try to impress the neighbors with our decorations. It is summer so we went all out as you can see!

Katie came over this past week to check out the place and it was our first real visitor since being married and having our place done up right!


this picture is funny! haha.

We went out on the river for a little walk and a chance to put our toes in the water. Katie got quite adventurous at times. i mean.. look at that puddle hahha


Now me on the other hand… i was ready to jump in the level 5 rapids! ( please dont be blinded by the white legs below!












It was a fun day as you can see.