Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working at the Cat Wash


Keith and I had the big.large.huge.massive. clean today. We were started early cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, and tons of other much needed house chores. One of them on the list was to give sadie a little bath.

She is a short hair cat,but she seriously sheds like crazy. I got the shed ender on her and WOW i am glad that hair is now in the trash  and not all over our newly vacuumed floor.

Keith gave me the run down on the special techniques to keep sadie under control when she gets in the tub. 

Keith told me to be aware of the Wet Rat Syndrome and to not be worried about it.

DSC06167 S

Sadie was not happy with me … or keith


Unfortunatly i did not get out without a scratch.. she got me.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lack of Postings!

So Keith and I got our wedding pictures Last week and i can not believe i have been so Busy lazy and have not put ANY up yet!

Keith and I have been running around like  crazy the past few weeks trying to get the loft together and looking worthy of people coming over. I officially wrote all the thank you letters and they should be arriving to all the lovely people who gave us gifts very soon.

What else? I mean i feel like life has just been pretty normal and not much has been going on. Keith is still working on all his messages and series for the youth and i am leading worship. We are just taking time to get our life in order. Enjoying being married and being with each other more than just on Sundays!

Below are a few pictures from the wedding. I hope to soon have more to share!

American FlagDSC_0392-1DSC_0407-1

Wedding Pictures (Unedited)- Disk 4 107   

Kaylee Davis

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keith’s Awesome Car

Many may not know that Keith is an old car lover!

Him and his dad used to restore cars. Keith got a car of his own many years ago, but is still in the process of fixing it up. He has a long way to go!!!! But i wanted to give him some love because his car is SWEEEEET. Hopefully one day it will be finished and we will be in car shows or something fun. Or just ride around town so people can think we are awesome… OR we can take people from weddings like a get away car like “Sprite Man” did for us at our wedding!

Check out Keith’s Hot Ride below


And a shout out to Sprite Man in the awesome ride we left the wedding in!

Wedding Pictures (edited) 061

One day keith’s will look like this!

Wedding Pictures (Unedited)- Disk 5 059

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of july in porterdale


this is the 1st 4th of July  i have been home for in 4 years. Since the economy is bad Little ol Porterdale was the ONLY city in Newton county putting on a fireworks show!


So keithy and i got to enjoy some bbq some fun bands and then some fireworks before he was of to work tonight. I was proud of our little city’s firework display!


DSC06047   DSC06052