Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working at the Cat Wash


Keith and I had the big.large.huge.massive. clean today. We were started early cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, and tons of other much needed house chores. One of them on the list was to give sadie a little bath.

She is a short hair cat,but she seriously sheds like crazy. I got the shed ender on her and WOW i am glad that hair is now in the trash  and not all over our newly vacuumed floor.

Keith gave me the run down on the special techniques to keep sadie under control when she gets in the tub. 

Keith told me to be aware of the Wet Rat Syndrome and to not be worried about it.

DSC06167 S

Sadie was not happy with me … or keith


Unfortunatly i did not get out without a scratch.. she got me.



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Anonymous said...

bahah. kaylee... who would have EVER thought you would be in a tub with a cat washing it... wow. thats priceless...well since you are quite the expert now why dont you come on over and wash Helsing Sidney and Annikan! :)