Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lack of Postings!

So Keith and I got our wedding pictures Last week and i can not believe i have been so Busy lazy and have not put ANY up yet!

Keith and I have been running around like  crazy the past few weeks trying to get the loft together and looking worthy of people coming over. I officially wrote all the thank you letters and they should be arriving to all the lovely people who gave us gifts very soon.

What else? I mean i feel like life has just been pretty normal and not much has been going on. Keith is still working on all his messages and series for the youth and i am leading worship. We are just taking time to get our life in order. Enjoying being married and being with each other more than just on Sundays!

Below are a few pictures from the wedding. I hope to soon have more to share!

American FlagDSC_0392-1DSC_0407-1

Wedding Pictures (Unedited)- Disk 4 107   

Kaylee Davis

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