Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introducing. . . .

The newest member of the Davis family. Lula.
I (kaylee) have been slowly but surely hinting at Keith to let me get another cat. He entertained my want for a few months, even taking me to shelters. BUT I knew as well as Keith that we would not be getting a cat until Keith found the one he really wanted. We searched high and low to find just the right one.

We ended up adopting from the Alcovy pet rescue group. An older couple who spend their weekends helping adopt out cats won our heart with their sweet blonde girl kitty.

We then had our next problem... What to name our new addition! We threw around lots of names but landed on lula. Lula means flower in Albanian. (we spelt it in English though).

Sadie and her are working on getting along! Sadie wants to make sure lula knows who the boss of the house is. And the boss isn't Keith or I. Ha ha it is Sadie... At least that is what she thinks.

Anywho we love our new kitty. We have had her about a month now and she is doing great!