Monday, January 13, 2014

Wedding Season


December / early January seemed to be Wedding Season!

Laura, my life time friend, got engaged back in August and planned a great wedding for the end of December. I had the honor to be the Matron of Honor and it was great getting to help her plan and be along side her for the ride.

Here are some pictures of the day of the wedding:


2013-12-29 12.14.072013-12-29 13.32.082013-12-29 13.35.562013-12-29 13.52.082013-12-29 13.51.192013-12-29 16.48.252013-12-29 16.50.33 2013-12-29 18.05.38

Congrats to Laura and Garret!


In Late November, Kensie my Sister got engaged and she was quick to want to get to try on dresses. her long with 14 of her closest friends and family  ( yes 14 hahaha) piled into David’s Bridal for our our version of “Say Yes to the Dress”


2013-12-30 18.39.352013-12-30 19.03.332013-12-30 19.04.50 



Finally on January 3rd we had my cousin Tiffany’s wedding, Keith and I were helping with set up and tear down, so we decided to stay close to the venue and got an awesome deal for a Embassey Suites hotel. We absolutely loved it! We even made a quick Ikea trip in the middle of our day.


2014-01-03 09.15.062014-01-03 08.51.542014-01-03 09.15.262014-01-03 11.36.15



Tiffany’s wedding was beautiful and the venues she chose were perfect! We had a great time celebrating with her. Congrats to her and Ryan


2014-01-04 12.07.31    2014-01-03 19.14.12 2014-01-03 20.20.20 2014-01-03 20.44.01

Pallet Creations

Keith has been so crafty lately and has been thinking up lots of ideas and also creating the ideas that i come up with.

Here are a few pictures of the things he has been making!


Pallet Dinner Trays:

2013-12-17 22.03.48 2013-12-17 22.03.392013-12-17 22.03.52

 2014-01-01 20.29.10 2014-01-01 20.29.34 


Pallet Clocks:

  2013-11-19 19.16.50 

2013-11-22 21.19.27 2013-11-22 21.19.56


Pallet Mirror:

2013-11-22 22.26.15