Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let the Showers Begin



(our apartment may or not be even close to the size of the awesome house above... but just to get you in the christmas mood i have posted it first haha)

Katie decided to throw me an awesome shower. This was my first wedding shower, so of course it was exciting.

Katie had been to a shower last year which gave her the inspiration for mine: Kaylee's Krazy Kristmas Shower

What they did was buy Christmas decorations for Keith and I for our Christmas NEXT YEAR.  So when everything went on sale after Christmas everyone got great deals on goodies for Keith and I.



Let me tell you Keith and I got HOOKED UP!

All the girls went crazy and Keith went crazy looking at everything the next day!

Katie did an awesome job making TONS of homemade goodies even though she was dead sick!

DSC09168 IMG_1453

We played two AWESOME GAMES! The first was to create a bridal dress out of toilet paper and then making a shaving creme wedding cake.





Which cake do you like best hahaha

To my joy we also played a game which wouldn't let people say a list of words. The list included words like : wedding, AWWW, Cute... It was funny because if you stick 12 girls in a room and tell them not to say AWWWWW ... man it was so funny!




Yes we did keep our decorations up from christmas until this shower.. infact 5 days after we still have them up.. what date is it hahah

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