Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Visits.

Davis Family

Keith and I have our house open now for visitors!

We had Keith’s mom and Dennis over to our place about a month ago. We got to adventure out on the river of course. Dennis forgot his fishing rod and was quite sad about that!


We love taking people out to the river… our backyard! While Dennis and Lanetta were here we had some good food ( which dennis almost choked on), explored the lofts and sat around and chatted together. It was great to have them over. Show off our place a little!




my wedding glow is TOTALLY GONE! HAHAHAH


Next came the Sears’ clan. Along with them came some additions including: Jared, Kensie’s boyfriend and Tuna, Madison’s boyfriend. So we had a packed house.

We played games as we waited on Kenz and Jaroids to arrive.


My mom bought Keith a pack of “gnarly Noses” and i wanted to show them off. They were a hit and everyone wanted to wear one. My dad kept asking “ i dont understand this game”…. it wasn’t a game hahahah.


I slaved over the stove ALL DAY LONG.. ok not really. But we did make english muffin pizza’s and enjoyed them out on the deck.


Then being like the rowdy Sears we decided to take some funny jumping pictures:












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