Wednesday, October 14, 2009


imageI just noticed that i never posted about my graduation back in May. The wedding took over most our blog posts, so i thought since we have been slacking in our postings lately i would update from that day.

I am actually the 1st on my Grandmothers side to graduate from College. Which is actually really cool.

DSC09423 It was actually a really nice day in the Sanford Stadium. There was cloud cover all morning so we didn’t burn up the whole time. It did get long towards the end and i kept getting text from my sibings asking “WHEN WILL THIS BE OVER”



My dad was extra excited because he graduated from UGA as well as his two sisters. We have a family of bulldog alums on the Sears side of the family. I love my parents sporting their red and black!


DSC09424Here is Keith and I on the big day!




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