Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keith’s Birthday

Keith’s birthday was back in october, but i am finally getting the pictures up. Sorry!

I woke up early and made him a bluberry muffin cake that he ate by the time i got home from work ( haha)

We met at his mom’s house and headed over for a much longed for dinner at Red Robin. Keith and I have been craving some Red Robin for MONTHS, so we were excited!


The one picture i have that everyone else looks good.. wilson isn’t looking!


Here is us… hahaha





Wilson did not want his picture taken.. as you can tell!

Anyways, it was a fun day to ring in Keith’s 24th birthday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being crazy tak’n pictures around the lofts


Keith 1
















DSC08244 DSC08246

DSC08257 DSC08237


Keith work’n on his America’s Next Top Model pose

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

saving this week.. ahh

DSC08393 seriously?????

I paid $13.00 for all this food….

and saved a little over $50.00

If you are needing to save on groceries PLEASE go visit my cousin’s coupon blogging site. Our Bank accounts have been HAPPY ever since i REALLY started couponing. I had always shopped CVS and gotten the great Extra Care Bucks and used clipped coupons at Kroger, but once you learn to “SHOP THE AD” you can see how much you can save.

free in this picture":

frosting, cereal, chexmix and frozen veggies

$1.00 or under:

3lbs bag of apples

fruit chillers


pasta noodles

publix hotdogs ( penny item of the week)


i could go on and on and on…. Do your self and your bank account a favor and go to my cousins site ok! It normally takes me about 3 hours a week in getting my coupons ready and going to the store and shopping, but for these savings it is worth the time!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Carving Night with friends 141

Carving Night with friends 140

we are cute.. with our self timer on our camera!

our awesome pumpkin… won us 2nd place in our family competition!!!