Saturday, January 9, 2010


I am sorry for the lack of postings lately. I feel like we have been running at 1000 mpgs, so it has been hard to take a moment to give an update. Things going on this month are:

I (Kaylee) Started Full-time at PureFUN! ( I will be working to get new customers and also on marketing plans.


Keith starts his new classes at Luther Rice Seminary next week. He is taking 3 classes this semester. Uping his load just a bit. But i know he will still do great with it. He got all A’s last semester so YEA KEITH!


We are both still loving our ministry’s with Journey Church ( Keith is loving the Youth and has some great plans for this upcoming semester. It is awesome to see how God is using him and giving him the knowledge he needs. He is doing great and i am so proud of him. The band is going well with me too!


HOW COULD I FORGET…. Keith and I won the Christmas door decorating contest in the Lofts. We won a $25.00 Giftcard to Long Horns. So we were so excited about that. They featured pictures of our door in the monthly loft newsletter!

Ok wel. Until next time. Tungi

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