Saturday, August 14, 2010

Since we don’t have kids…

We blog about our cats!


Little Aslan is doing great! He is crazy and always running around like a mad kitty. He is fisty and like the pounce on our feet at night. He loves to play fight with Sadie and cuddle up on your chest. Since he was a lot youger when we adopted him from the Animal Shelter it has been crazy to see him grow so quickly. He is a little ball of fun. We love him, even though we want to kill him sometimes!



Sadie is doing great too. When Aslan 1st arrived, we were really worried this second cat thing was not going to work out. Sadie was an “ only child” and she had only child syndrome. she would just hiss and growl at little Aslan, but he just wanted to bite her tail!  Now they are BFF’s and Keith sends me pictures all the time of them cuddling with each other. They still love to fight, but they end up licking each other on the head after biting. haha!


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