Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kosova: day 1 & 2

Does a day of travel even count as day one of a trip? I guess with that and the 6 hr time change we did lose a day! The travel went well and Brittany and I really enjoyed our airport patdowns instead of the X-ray machines! We made all our flights and nothing was delayed.

In Chicago, we met our miracle for the day when we made it to  gate m1 and found our gate was at m21 which was seriously the longest walk of your life. We had 5 min or less to arrive for boarding, when out of no where, a guy on a cart stops and says: do you need a ride? We told him we hadn't eaten and he even brought us back to a mini food mart ($45 dollars of "snacks for lunch" including just a coke for each person , a bag of chips and a sandwich). We made it to the gate just before they called our section! Thank you cart man who saved us! And of course we had to document the adventure:

 We arrived in beautiful Kosova at noon and went straight to our beautiful guesthouse! They have redone the whole place and we're really excited for us to stAy since we wee the first to stay since the renovations! Britt and I are sharing a room, with a balcony and a great view!

 We hit up a lunch and then toured the city a bit with Carson and Brittany. We even saw a few old friends along the way! Which is always great. 
By 7pm we were dead, since most of us had only gotten 1 hr of sleep since 6am Monday am. So we headed back to the guest house and showered and ordered pizza for delivery. 2.5 € pizza with free delivery! That is what I am talking about! 

Bit the hay around 9:30 and woke up around 6!

Today we are jumping into camp stuff And hopefully I will get to meet with some old friends today! 

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