Monday, June 26, 2017

Warren's Baby Nursery Reveal

It seems like just yesterday we were getting Ryeland’s nursery ready. Now we are fully complete with our second Son Warren’s room.

Some say the first child is the one that you do EVERYTHING for. New this and that. The baby book, the Journal entries, the protected items on everything in the house (Which we have only recently done due to Ryeland now able to open doors). Overprotected, Gooing and Gaaing over each thing they do.

Then Baby #2 comes...and all that goes out the window.

Image result for first child room vs second childRecently Kaylee sent me a Facebook meme picture that showed the first child’s room vs the second child’s room. The first child’s room is all done up, having everything in its place, a perfect theme….Really designer looking. Then it shows the second child’s...Just a bed on the floor of a empty room with white walls.

Well if you know anything about my wife and I...We wouldn’t settle for that.

We want the birth and life of our second to be just as special as our first.I want to try and journal for him to read when he gets older, get a few things that are only his and not a hand me down from his brother, and make sure he knows I am as excited and pouring into him as I am with Ryeland.

We may have outdone ourselves with the nursery and at each step we poured our hearts into it, making it as unique as Warren will be.

The theme is Vintage Americana (Patriotic)
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We once again wanted to create a room that he could grow into. A timeless look that can be updated as he grew, that has a great foundation. We did that with Ryeland’s room as well and it has already worked perfectly as we transitioned it into a toddler room, when we moved Ryeland’s crib and chair to Warren’s room.

We once again were blessed with furniture that we got a great deal on...Just needed some cleaning and handle replacements.

I never knew there were so many variations of Red, White, and Blue.  We had a great time creating this new room. Lots of unique finds and true Rye Rustic original Creations..That Kaylee and I made of course. This time even Ryeland put his artistic touch to work as he created Ryeland Original paintings for his brothers Wall.

Here are a few shots of the room:


Warren not only Gets one but two animals (Rye got a whole zoo), His very own Donkey and Elephant Sock Animals perfect for a Patriotic Americana Theme.

From the Heart of Keith & Kaylee Davis

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