Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little Bride Fun.

Last Thurday My mom, Aunt DD7, Kensie, Tiffany, Laura, Katie and Myself rushed into Davids bridal. My mom fully equipped with the camera took lots of pictures. Of course i can’t show any of myself in the dress  i LOVE.. but i thought i would give you a few other fun pictures from the night!


davids bridal

I am wondering why they are looking at me but obviously they wanted to know something hahahah

davids bridal 2 - tiffy

Tiffany used the headless manikin to show off this dress..

davids bridal-3

Katie is ALL about the Tierra i am not sure about it but this is a shout out for Katie

davids bridal - 4 - kt and laura

Katie and Laura got bored – That is the color i love!

davids bridal - 5

My second choice for dresses.. but too not wearable again


Jacob Zellmer said...

the tiara is a deff yes! the green... and the blueish... not too sure...

~Michelle~ said...

no tiara! lol i love the green though... but the blue would be kinda hard to wear again

sara giessen said...

don't listen to boys. i like the iridescent green!

some unwarranted advice from this recent bride & bridal consultant veteran: don't get too caught up in trying to make the bridesmaids' dresses "wearable again." it's a nice idea, but i've been in/seen too many weddings where the bride compromised what she really loved to do that, and the girls never wore them again, anyway. go for what you love for your day.