Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wedding Cakes.


Wedding cake 1

Now who is up for a M&M wedding cake? I know everyone at PureFUN! would be drooling over this cake. HAHA

It is really fun to just type in “Wedding cakes” into google images and search around for what might be cool to have for the wedding

I was really thinking that this cake below would be something that i could do: yes a self portrait cake!

wedding cake 2

But in all seriousness there are a ton of cakes out there. I love simple ones like the one below just with ribbons around it.

cake 3

But for the grooms cake Keith and I have a great Idea. With the craze that i have found for “cup-cake wedding cakes” Keith and I’s awesome idea may just work out. I will have to see what i can say but let’s just say that it will be made out of Keith and I’s favorite breakfast treat!

Below is a typical cupcake wedding cake:

cup cake cake