Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mov’n on up



Keith said BYE BYE BYE  to 1133 C and we moved all of his stuff up a floor, over a building and from the parkside to the riverside. can you say UPGRADE…. UPGRADE …. ( I just heard beyonce haha)

1260 D baybee!


If this view is not convincing enough of God’s Beauty i don’t know what is. I quickly found my spot on the ledge of the second window while talking to my mom and decided that this will be my sitting spot in the afternoons.


The first thing to be moved had to be the porterdale sign we have to be representing our town haha Keith and Stephen had to debate how it would work…


while i was setting up the kitchen and all of keiths clothes.. boy had a TON of clothes! (Below is one of about 4 loads… just of the hanging clothes hahah)


I had to hurry and set up Keith’s Halloween decorations because the neighbors are trying to up us and I wasn’t going to let that happen

DSC08484 DSC08485

A blueberry muffin cake was in store for the 1st morning of moving.


Frank wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but i think he is getting used to his Riverside view!


New Place pics:



And to keep us less stressed in the background was Saved by the bell.. college years!



Emily said...

it looks so good!! im so glad yall were able to get one on the river, that place is sweet.

Katie said...

LIVING WITH A BOY>>>>> AHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't worry, Kaylee. It's still just you and me for about 8 more months... there is still time to live up the good life with my cackle laugh and always having the toilet seat DOWN. :)