Sunday, May 23, 2010

Projects of a Married Couple.

Keith and I are always doing weekend projects. The past few weeks Keith has been out of school, so he was on his Honey-Do-List. We had a few things that we wanted to get done around the house and at church. Our two main projects were 1. Tagging the Gravity Youth room at church and 2. creating “wall art” for the kitchen.

Keith and I spent all day last Saturday stenciling, outlining and spoungeing the walls to give the Gravity room a new look.

gravity room 3 Gravity room 1 Gravity Room 2


At the house we’ve been trying to find something to put on our HUGE wall in the kitchen. Keith and I have juggled around but nothing seemed to fit or work for us. (Keith says that i said NO to all the ideas….)

We went to Art on the River a few weeks ago and got our Inspiration for our wall. Once Keith has an idea, he goes for it gung-ho. He was at Home depot the next day trying to get it figured out.

Here are some pictures of our new wall


It didn’t stay blank for long…



i love the huge spoon and fork!  And yes.. that is a Bicycle Pedal. Ha!.. and “Sorry, We’re Open!”