Saturday, May 1, 2010

publix savings.

I haven’t posted on Publix in a while, but i had a pretty good week last week, so i thought i’d post!


1 Romaine Lettuce

1.51lb of bananas

1 Yoplait Yogurt

2 Cascadian Farms Fruit

1 Cascadian Farms hashbrowns

18 ct egg

1 Cantaloupe

2 cucumbers

1-Land o Lakes Turkey

1-Baby Carrots

2 Edward Singles Dessert

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

2 Knorr Noodle Sides

2 Kashi Heart Cereals

1 Publix bag

1 Rotini Pasta

3 Cascadian Farms (cereal, cereal bar & granola)

1 Pepperidge Farms Deli Flats

1-McCormick’s’ Herb and Garlic

3- Pepsi 2 liters

2- Scrubbing Bubbles shower things

2- Scrubbing Bubbles Refills

2- Campbell’s Soups

2- Mahatma long grain rice

Total Before Sales and Coupons: 109.02

Coupons & store savings: $78.77

Total Paid: 30.25

72% savings!

(Two Disclaimers, I lost two dollars of savings on the scrubbing bubbles when my publix said they now no longer take CVS coupons. Also, I lost another 2 dollars because for 4 weeks my Publix did not have the Scrubbing Bubbles in stock and 2 days after the Publix coupons I had expired they got them in… so lost a total of $4.00 in savings on those, but still saved about $20.00 on the deal so still got them!!!)


Meagan said...

Great savings, cuzzzzzz. Love ya!

p.s. You need to grab my NEW button. =]

Jan Sears said...

You are amazing! I left this week's coupons from our paper on your desk at work! You should make the rice meal.....cook the rice and just add a can of black beans, a can of petite diced tomatoes, a small salsa (Med or Hot), and a couple of pieces of boneless chicken cooked and chopped in bite size pieces!