Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wife & the Wildlife


On  daily basis, Kaylee and I always look out the window to enjoy the river. We see if it is up or down for the day. Lately we have been noticing that spring is in the air. Animals moving, people swimming ( some sun bathing) and flowers blooming. recently, we had noticed two loving geese that would be by daily. They were always swimming, walking, drinking, and squawking together!


A few weeks ago we began to notice that they were not showing up anymore and we were getting sad, since Kaylee and I always call them “ our friends”. A few days later one started coming around alone and we wondered what had happened to our other “Friend”. A few days ago Kaylee had the window open and heard some squawking and went to the window. To her joy she noticed both geese were back and this time with a little baby goose! So i guess now we have a loving happy goose family at the lofts!



As well as these animals we also see a lot of “wildlife” on the river.

One sunday afternoon after church, one of my students from the youth group called and told us to look out the window. It was like a seen from Rescue 911, &  Willaim Shatner, was the host.


“A man in his late 20’s was trapped in the middle of the river on a huge bolder. his boat was unfortunatly at the shore. The crowds began to form on the bridge and every type of emergency vehicle sat upon the shore. How would he survive with the rushing water beating his face and body? How would the rescue workers get to him in time. Would he survive? BUM BUM BUM”

river rescue 1

With our binoculars and extra zoomed camera  in hand we watched as the scene unfolded.

river rescue 2

The time that it took to rescue him was about 45 min to an hour. This was way better than cable.  They threw the buoy out to him he grabbed on with all his might and they pulled him to shore. Safe & Sound.

river rescue 3

This is just a normal day in the life of the Davis’.

We’ll keep you informed about all future WILDLIFE here at the lofts!


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Jan Sears said...

It will truly be a happy Mother's Day for your little Goose Friend!