Sunday, May 23, 2010

Projects of a Married Couple.

Keith and I are always doing weekend projects. The past few weeks Keith has been out of school, so he was on his Honey-Do-List. We had a few things that we wanted to get done around the house and at church. Our two main projects were 1. Tagging the Gravity Youth room at church and 2. creating “wall art” for the kitchen.

Keith and I spent all day last Saturday stenciling, outlining and spoungeing the walls to give the Gravity room a new look.

gravity room 3 Gravity room 1 Gravity Room 2


At the house we’ve been trying to find something to put on our HUGE wall in the kitchen. Keith and I have juggled around but nothing seemed to fit or work for us. (Keith says that i said NO to all the ideas….)

We went to Art on the River a few weeks ago and got our Inspiration for our wall. Once Keith has an idea, he goes for it gung-ho. He was at Home depot the next day trying to get it figured out.

Here are some pictures of our new wall


It didn’t stay blank for long…



i love the huge spoon and fork!  And yes.. that is a Bicycle Pedal. Ha!.. and “Sorry, We’re Open!”

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wife & the Wildlife


On  daily basis, Kaylee and I always look out the window to enjoy the river. We see if it is up or down for the day. Lately we have been noticing that spring is in the air. Animals moving, people swimming ( some sun bathing) and flowers blooming. recently, we had noticed two loving geese that would be by daily. They were always swimming, walking, drinking, and squawking together!


A few weeks ago we began to notice that they were not showing up anymore and we were getting sad, since Kaylee and I always call them “ our friends”. A few days later one started coming around alone and we wondered what had happened to our other “Friend”. A few days ago Kaylee had the window open and heard some squawking and went to the window. To her joy she noticed both geese were back and this time with a little baby goose! So i guess now we have a loving happy goose family at the lofts!



As well as these animals we also see a lot of “wildlife” on the river.

One sunday afternoon after church, one of my students from the youth group called and told us to look out the window. It was like a seen from Rescue 911, &  Willaim Shatner, was the host.


“A man in his late 20’s was trapped in the middle of the river on a huge bolder. his boat was unfortunatly at the shore. The crowds began to form on the bridge and every type of emergency vehicle sat upon the shore. How would he survive with the rushing water beating his face and body? How would the rescue workers get to him in time. Would he survive? BUM BUM BUM”

river rescue 1

With our binoculars and extra zoomed camera  in hand we watched as the scene unfolded.

river rescue 2

The time that it took to rescue him was about 45 min to an hour. This was way better than cable.  They threw the buoy out to him he grabbed on with all his might and they pulled him to shore. Safe & Sound.

river rescue 3

This is just a normal day in the life of the Davis’.

We’ll keep you informed about all future WILDLIFE here at the lofts!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

publix savings.

I haven’t posted on Publix in a while, but i had a pretty good week last week, so i thought i’d post!


1 Romaine Lettuce

1.51lb of bananas

1 Yoplait Yogurt

2 Cascadian Farms Fruit

1 Cascadian Farms hashbrowns

18 ct egg

1 Cantaloupe

2 cucumbers

1-Land o Lakes Turkey

1-Baby Carrots

2 Edward Singles Dessert

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

2 Knorr Noodle Sides

2 Kashi Heart Cereals

1 Publix bag

1 Rotini Pasta

3 Cascadian Farms (cereal, cereal bar & granola)

1 Pepperidge Farms Deli Flats

1-McCormick’s’ Herb and Garlic

3- Pepsi 2 liters

2- Scrubbing Bubbles shower things

2- Scrubbing Bubbles Refills

2- Campbell’s Soups

2- Mahatma long grain rice

Total Before Sales and Coupons: 109.02

Coupons & store savings: $78.77

Total Paid: 30.25

72% savings!

(Two Disclaimers, I lost two dollars of savings on the scrubbing bubbles when my publix said they now no longer take CVS coupons. Also, I lost another 2 dollars because for 4 weeks my Publix did not have the Scrubbing Bubbles in stock and 2 days after the Publix coupons I had expired they got them in… so lost a total of $4.00 in savings on those, but still saved about $20.00 on the deal so still got them!!!)

Proud of my little brother and sister

madion shot and discus

carson shot and discus

Carson and Madison have been doing Shot-put and Discus this year in track and field

Carson picked it up last year since he had to stay after school for maddie’s track and he just thought he’d try it out.

Last week Madison did her personal best in Discus 91.5 feet placing her 8th of 18 in the region competition. This is her FIRST YEAR!!!!  As a Sophomore she will letter on varsity! Gooo maddie!

Carson just beast’ed it up at his regional meet yesterday. Not only did he have personal best records in both events at his meet, he made two new school records and placed first in both his events. Moving him along to the state competition. He had an article about him in the Gwinnett Daily Post… go check it out!