Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to the Future...of the Present time

Where have we been?...What hasn't been going on in our lives? Should be the question...For those of you that check our blog (daily, weekly, or even monthly) have been stuck in the past...Fall of last year to be more exact...Well I have been given the task to get everyone "Back to the Future" (Present of now, but the future of the past)... Kaylee and I's style is Vintage, but we try not to be on our blog. So with that being said...we are working on staying in the present time frame...

Here is a list of things that have happened since last Fall ( Might Not be in chronological order):

-We purchased our first house in Loganville, GA (December 2011)

-We moved into our home (January 2012)

- We started making upgrades on our home (Feb 2012)

-I graduated from Luther Rice University and Seminary with a Bachelors in Ministry of Arts (December 2011; Walked May 2012)

- We started making upgrades to the yard at our home (March 2012)

-I was ordained as a Pastor (April 2012)

- We left our home of eight Years at Journey Church (May 2012)

-God has placed me as full time Youth Pastor at Meadow Baptist Church in Lawrenceille, Ga (April 2012)

-Our Young Cat Aslan Passed away

-Our Future trip to Kosovo (July 2012)

Now that you are up to date we now can make it back to the current time.We will be posting in the upcoming weeks of Pictures, stories, and everything that has to do with the things that were listed above. Make sure you check back as much as possible on things that may be going on with the Davis'.

From the Heart of
Keith Davis

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