Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 5: Travels to Peja

We met this morning with all team leaders and translators to go over our week at camp. It was a great time meeting the young lady that will be translating my words... Let me repeat translating everything I say word for word... I've been working on talking slower then normal, I think I have the hang of it...

After our meeting we packed the truck and huge van full of camp items and headed to Peja... The land, mountains, and people are so wonderful. Slow pace living life one minute at a time would describe my experience here. Taking the time to sit, have a cup of coffee, and listen to the person you are there with instead of what is taking place next. I believe I have adopted that for me already from these people. I will strive to continue when I come back to the states.

All is well, we are settled into our temporary place until we leave for camp in two days, after that no posts or communicating until after we come down the mountain. Enjoy our shots of Peja and the magnificent mountain.

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