Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 3: Tying up loose ends (not sure of what we are tying though)

As we were walking our way to dinner, Kaylee reminded me that we hadn't posted today. I of course said we had but did not remember what we had... That meant we hadn't...

Well here we go...We got our booklets printed, had lunch, got some supplies for camp. And tied up all of the loose ends. Once we were ready for tomorrow we went to a really cool restaurant with true Albanian food with a Spanish style motif...ok we are still currently still working on things but needed to grab a bite to eat. Leader meeting for camp in the morning ad then traveling to Peja for our team leaders to get to know one another before the camp... It will be a great day and great bonding time. I do not know if we will have Internet then so this may be the last post until we get back from camp on Friday (we know we won't have it on the mountain. So I will say tungi (good bye) until we return from the mountain.

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