Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 14: Last day

Today marks our official last day (since tomorrow will be our travel day starting at 4 a.m.) here in Kosova. It has been an amazing time here. Relationships have been made, continued, and enhanced. We are saddened to leave but we know that it is not good bye only (as the Mickey mouse club used to say) "see ya real soon"... And that is what we are pushing towards. To see our sweet beautiful Peja in the rear view this morning and now our final hours in Pristina.

This is not the end of our blog. Now that we are in the swing of updates we will continue the best we can. We also have many pictures of funny event, things that made us laugh, and things that you don't see in The states that we will be posting in the upcoming weeks. Thanks again for your willingness to come along with us on our journey through this blog.

You are the ones that keep us updating, so don't forget to comment on our posts. We love each and every one of you. We can't wait to see you when we return and tell of all of our stories and adventures. Feel free to contact us to meet and have coffee (just as the Albanians do) and hear all about them. That is just one of the many things we are adopting to bring back to our culture in America.Thanks again for reading.

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Katie said...

Gabe and Katie request a coffee outing asap. Faleminderit shume! Tung!