Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 2: Camp Cramming

We have made it to Kosovo...We had a nice Dinner last night, Spent some time with the locals at the 4th of July Celebration for America, Saw the Statue of Bill Clinton, Statue of mother Teresa (She's from Albania), and George Kastriot Skanderbeg (Albanian Hero)...More info. on him in later posts...All of this like Kaylee had said on maybe two hours of sleep...I began to feel it as it was getting closer to 10 p.m. here and 4 p.m. (American) day two...This is a beautiful country, people, and nice group. We will be finishing up a few things for camp that we were not able to do in the states and needed to finish once we got here.

Funny Story #1:
-As our day of traveling came to a close and made it to the Kosovo International Airport we were greeted with all of our bags...this was a total of two bags and a carry on for each of us (9 Bags total). We placed them on two carts and began to roll out of the airport we were greeted with a Kosovo Airport Police Officer...Well I was greeted as Kaylee and Jan had progressed past the officer. He asked (To later find out what he said) "Do you need to check in any of your bags through customs". I would not say I am Fluent in Albanian but I do know certain words (Around 4-5 Key words). As he asked me his questions (In Albanian), He knew I wasn't understanding his words. I stood there in amazement; Not thinking I would be arrested or anything but that we would have to go through all of those many bags and such one by one...Luckily Kaylee had turned around and started speaking with the officer. He asked if I spoke the language, Kaylee responded with "Very Little". So he asked her if we needed to go through customs and she said No. We all three laughed and we progressed out of the airport doors. It is amazing with the words I do know, He only used a few of them. I do not believe in Language barriers because we all speak body language or "charades" if you want to be more specific. 

Languages that you may not use everyday or know a lot of does not make it difficult it just makes you be out of your comfort zone of just being able to hear and finally speak. It makes you Watch, Hear, Listen, Think, Pray, Watch again, Pray, and then speak. Maybe we can all learn from that in more then one way in our lives. 

These posts were meant to be short but sometimes my hands type things on my mind. Also as I was told early in life; There is always a lesson to learn in every situation in life. And I love to have a funny story because there is always something to laugh about in life.            

The next few days with a mix of meeting with past friends, printing booklets, seeing the leadership team, Getting my Games together (I'm not only a team leader but the game Guru as well) and meeting new people. Check back with us Daily as we are posting at least once to twice per day (Thanks to Blogger App). Lots of things to do but we have a great group of leaders and translators here making it work. 

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