Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I have truly been slacking at my blog posting. We have been so much in an out of wifi that it has been hard to get a post in. Today we enjoyed a short day trip to Albania! We spent the night at Leo's home in Prizren and got up super early to cross the border into Albania and then a little drive to Tirana to meet with Bledi!
After a little city walking and coffee drinking we went to eat lunch at a something I would describe as a mix between red lobster and captain d's: it was called Rozafa. And well... It was awesome!!
I got some fun pics of Madison with her meal. She loved it as so did everyone else. After lunch we headed about 30 min to durras to see the Sea. It was beautiful:
Also I asked for peach juice while we sat down for a drink and I got this instead:
Keith would e so proud to know that I actually really really loved it. There is hope for me honey!!

We finished our day by dropped bLedi back off in Tirana and then sayingour  goodbyes to Leo and Gentrina at the Albania/Kosov border. 

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