Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The journey over

 As we begin our trip, we are all sitting in the same row together on our way to Newark. We have a 59 min layover so I am just praying we can move as quickly as possible and make it where we need to be in the right amount of time. 

Maddie and Jan are already asleep and I am just sitting here with not much to do on the first flight! I feel a little bit like I can just breathe for a little while. Books are finished. Name tags are made. Shirts are printed. I will try to enjoy these flights and enjoy the calm before we are literally go go go for the next 17 days! 

I already have outings set up with several students and I can't wait to get on the ground in ks and start running! 

Madison is so excited to be coming this year and I am glad she is here! We are about an hour and a half into our long flight to Istanbul and it took off about an hour late. Just finished with some tiny itty bitty pretzels and will see soon what we will have for dinner. 

This is my first united flight over dead and it has been wonderful so far! We have currently flown 704 miles and we have 3498 miles left to go! Wow about one fifth of the way in! 

Turkey was absolutely beautiful to fly into:

Well we made it to turkey and once we found out it would cost 20$ each to get a visa to spend less than three hours in the city we decided to just head on to the gate. 
We used the time to work on documents for this week and double check our schedule: 
We had a great smooth flight into kosova. It was the absolute best timing getting through the kosova airport. We got off the plane, got throught the passport check and got our bags in less than ten min. We even beat mark outside!
As we arrived in Pristina, we were greeted by beautiful new trees and flowers and a brand new fountain in the city center! Maddie got an awesome pic so be on the look out for that! 

Ended te night with a chopped salad... My fav:

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