Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 5- they left me :-(

Today started off with making breakfast for the team and getting things prepared for our big full day meeting with the translators going over the day by day for next weeks camp. We had a great meal and cleaned up everything and were just about headed to the oaza center. I've never been and it is about a 10 min drive,, so the team packed up as I turned off all the lights and locked the door. 

My mom yelled "are you locking up" and I yelled back "yes". A few moments later I heads out side and I looked and there were no trucks outside. So I went around the corner and there was no truck there either.... 

So I looked up and there was Luta the owner of the house we are staying at just laughing and said " they left you" 

So he called Lacy to come back and pick me up. I am glad he was there because I had no clue where I should go and I had no phone. 

Once I arrived the team was laughing and joking and saying not to worry that " every mom leaves their kids at some point in their lives" I followed up by saying " it normally isn't in a foreign county"

So now the joke is : "is kaylee here" 

I said we are going to do a head count before we leave anywhere now! 

That is the fun story was of day. 

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