Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 2:SEYC- it starts

It has begun. Our drive was smooth. All 9 students made it...just kidding we have all ten and will return with ten. 

Day 2 is already started eventful. The theme plays in so well with "reckless" by Jeremy camp as our anthem for the week. 

The verse comes from Philippians 3:7. For whatever we think we have we give it away for the sake of Christ. 

Being reckless in our standards is much different then being reckless for Christ. Reckless for us is one sided or selfish...being reckless for Christ is selfless. 

All students of course for the first meeting time and such were shy but as I looked out during lunch today every single one of them had connected to another group and were siting with them. It's great to be a sheltered of them but to know that as they connect to different groups, will strengthen the rest of our group. 

As I sit here I'm reminded of how much camp really is. After the worry of how they will enjoy it, whether they will make  a commitment, make a few friends, get something out of it. I know that God has it all in his great loving arms. 

Day 3 tomorrow.

From the heart of Keith Davis 

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Elaina Caldwell said...

Thank you for helping Jalen with his walk!! All the kids are blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you!!