Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 5: The Food

This seems strange to have a post of only food but if you have ever been to camp this is sometimes the talk of the a bad way.

This is not the case here. Since we got here, it has been great. I tell the students 
"it's like mom used to make"

They are being fed in many ways. 
Physically, emotionally, and most important spiritual. I have already seen in the short time we have been here a maturing of what they believe, how they believe and why they believe. 

The focus at this camp of course is leading the lost to their savior and building towards discipleship for the saved but it gets a little more deeper then that.

I am encouraged many minutes of the day of how that is accomplished here through games, team building, devotional, and relationships.

"We are thirsty for more of you"

From the heart of Keith Davis 

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