Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 4: enlightening

During morning devotion today the students were asked to describe what church is to them...some I saw coming but others alarmed me.

These same descriptions are some of the   major issues as to why some students are leaving the church.

When asked as to "can you be a Christian without going to church?" Most responded with a no. This correlates back to the thinking they have of church.

How can you be part of a family if you don't live in the house; to be a Christian shouldn't you be in his house with the rest of the family?

The post has two meanings. Enlightening to these observations but also true lighting. Rain has begun and has put a delay on afternoon free time. An opportunity for the students to find ways to fellowship and spend time with one another outside of the modern conveniences. What does that mean for the guys? Cards and wresting on their mattresses. For the girls? Facials and mani pedis. Ahh the simple life of camp. Just as it should be.

From the heart of Keith Davis 

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