Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 3: Refreshing

With a great morning devotion at the flag poll starting the day speaking about not just Talking the talk but walking the walk.

Anyone can talk what to do but do you walk what you say?

I have already been asked by most of the students during breakfast the question of the week so far...

"Are we coming back next year?"

That is a very promising question especially only being on the second full day of camp.

The one worry I had that been taking away...”will they meet new people”...

Every student has met new leaders and other campers. The relationships they are building will last longer then just tomorrow… they will last a lifetime.

I now sit here pondering "are we coming back next year?"

Only God knows that one. But one thing I know is...God is great, He has love for these students and knows the best for them.

From the heart of Keith Davis

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